Revlon Flex is the Revlon’s cosmetic line specially developed for hair care and protection, the offers a whole range of products for all hair types.

At Natural Honey we know that, as a woman, you have a way of seducing that wins hearts, a natural charm that makes you irresistible. It’s for this reason that the entire range of products has been created naturally to strenghten your natural appeal.

With more than 45 years of experience, Geniol is a family shampoo brand that uses formulas enriched with natural extracts, and that meets day to day hair needs.

The Floid brand, created in barber shops in 1932, has come back to reclaim the Real Man, a man of honor, with principals and values. And offer him what he really needs: a brand for men, with products designed and developed especially for men.

Revlon ZP-11, expert in hair treatments, has a balanced formula with the latest technology that helps to eliminate dandruff, preventing its reappearance and reducing scalp irritation.